Where to get the best coverage of the Women’s World Cup

With the Women’s World Cup less than a day away (still June 6, but Australia is ahead of the rest of the world, remember?), we want to shine a light on the beautiful game – and a beautiful place you can get all in the info you need.

The Women’s Game is the brainchild of founder and editor, Ann Odong, and is a website dedicated to covering the tournaments and issues of women’s football.

Women’s sport advocate Danielle Warby recently chatted with Ann in a ten-minute podcast.

Ahead of her trip to Canada, where she’ll be creating content for the duration of the Women’s World Cup, Ann explained the origins and aims of The Women’s Game.

Having started working in men’s football in 2005, Ann quickly noticed the disparity that exists between information on men’s and women’s football.

“[For] men’s football, there was so much information [and] so many different websites,” she said.

“But for women’s football it felt like I was spending three, four, five hours trying to find the information and it was from all different sources.”

“It got to the point where I was just sick and tired of having to do the research … I thought, well, why not create a portal where you can find all the information in one spot?”

Hence The Women’s Game was born. For ten years, the website has created unique and timely content on women’s football.

“We’ve grown in step with women’s football,” Ann said about the website. 

The growth of the website has coincided with an increase in public interest in women’s football.

“People are moving away from men’s football because they find that women’s football is a really pure, great form of the game,” Ann said.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 1.50.27 pmAnn is not alone in her love of the sport – nor in her pursuit to publish quality content about it. She is joined by a crew of passionate volunteer contributors who will also help cover the Women’s World Cup.

Ann is quick to point out, however, that her team are more than just bloggers – they’re professionals with a passion for championing women’s football and building the brands of female athletes. A mission, surely, we can all appreciate.

The Women’s World Cup runs from June 6 to July 5.

Australian residents can watch all 52 matches either live on SBS TV or streaming live online.

To listen to Danielle Warby’s interview with Ann in full, click here.

Visit thewomensgame.com every day for the next month for in-depth World Cup coverage.

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