What Does Your Workout Say About You?

Your birthday, your favourite movie, your go-to ice cream flavour – they all say something about your personality. And guess what? Your workout does too!


You’re all about peace, love and harmonious living. Balance is super important to you and flexibility has become your party trick. You crave a workout that challenges your mind and body, providing calm strength and a sense of peace. Yoga and Pilates based workouts are your happy place.

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Cardio Dancer

Who said breaking a sweat can’t be fun? You look for the zest in everything and most often the life of the party. Your attitude to life is carefree and fearless, which is probably why you’re always down to break it down.

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Barre Addict

You live your life meticulously, priding yourself on attention to detail. Holding just the right pose and feeling the tremble of your muscles as grants you quiet satisfaction. The repetitive nature of this workout means you can perfect each movement and feel deliciously sore when you’re done.

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You love channelling your confidence and skill into something that challenges and motivates you. Always a trendsetter, you love to buck the status quo. You work out with a passion and love dedicating yourself to martial arts based routines that require discipline and intensity.

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You like to be prepared for anything and feel most exhilarated when pushed beyond your comfort zone. Double jump ropes are your besties and no WOD is too much for you. Dauntless and always up for a challenge, CrossFit is the perfect fit for you.

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You love the outdoors and would rather spend an hour pedalling than an hour in the gym any day of the week. You are quite an adventurous person, curious about the world and the people around you. You’re always open to new experiences and tend to be more cooperative/agreeable than most.

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You’re highly motivated, both on and off the track. Your life tends to be quite fast-paced and you’re constantly chasing your next career move or new project. Always on the go, you like to set your goals and not just meet them, but hit a new PB while you’re at it. And nothing is more satisfying than crossing the finishing line.

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You have a generally warm and open personality. Times can get frustrating and competitive, but your dedication to training is admirable. You’re not afraid to work hard for small victories, because every second counts.

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Which workout personality do you have?


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