Seven reasons to exercise … and weight loss isn’t one of them

There are better reasons to exercise than simply weight loss! So Hera Mag has compiled seven great reasons to get moving.


Just do it.

Ride your bike to work.

Walk to the coffee shop instead of driving.

Chase after your dog as he makes his daily dash for freedom when you open the front door … and pretend he actually has a shot, just for the sake of his ego.

It can be anything that gets you moving. Because movement is so good for you. And no, not just for weight loss.Workout A

Prevents disease

Just 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is enough to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes by up to 40 per cent.

Reduced risk of cancer

Regular exercisers are apparently less at risk of developing colon, lung, gastrointestinal, breast and endometrial cancer.

Strengthens bones

Weight-bearing exercises like jogging, dancing, hiking and stair climbing are best for building strong bones, as well as resistance based exercises.

Prevents dementia

Having a brain-healthy lifestyle is critical in reducing the risk of dementia, and exercise is a key element of that.

Workout B
Boosts immunity

Regular exercisers tend to avoid colds and other flu-like symptoms a lot more than their inactive counterparts, as exercise stimulates movement of important immune cells.

Better sleep

Exercise undoubtedly tires you out and promises a more restful night’s sleep, but only if completed no less than two hours before bedtime. Otherwise, a stimulating effect may occur.

Improves mood and mental health

Exercise not only promotes better mental health but even in the absence of a mental illness, enhanced wellbeing and a more optimistic disposition are just some the positive side effects.

Aside from weight loss, why do you exercise?


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