Thank you

Dear readers,

For the last three months, Hera has been the inspired project of seven journalists. After several months of research and preparation, Hera went live for three weeks, bringing audiences unique and innovative video, audio and text content about a range of topics on women in sport.

Hera aimed to bring some small semblance of equity to media coverage of women’s sport, and while we cannot continue to create content, we continue to believe passionately in Hera’s philosophy.

For the short time Hera was live, we hope we provided you with content that was original, entertaining and insightful.

Above all, we hope Hera has served as an example to alternative and mainstream media alike. Women and sport is a critically underrepresented subject, despite huge and continually growing interest in women’s sports. Women in sport deserve more coverage and support than media and most organisations currently afford them. The subject is an untapped well of incredible stories just waiting to be told. Having brought only a few of these stories to public attention, we hope Hera’s legacy sets an example that will serve the incredible women of sport well.

Lastly, we wish to thank everyone who supported Hera: those who read, listened to, watched and shared our content, and especially those who allowed us into your lives to tell your stories.

We implore you all to continue to support women in sport in whichever way you can.

With great appreciation and thanks,

The Hera Team.


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