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Women can fight, but should they?

It’s time to get honest about women fighting in the UFC – so Hera Mag‘s Ben Gottlieb grapples with this taboo topic. Continue reading


USA too strong as valiant Matildas lose World Cup opener

Miss this morning’s thrilling USA vs AUS match at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup? Don’t sweat it – Hera Mag guest contributor Joshua Mayne has the game’s full match report.
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The gloves are off: real talk about being a woman at a sporting event

Not all sporting events are created equal. The entertainment, food and all-important atmosphere can make or break a game for any spectator, and being a woman adds a whole new layer of consideration. To find out what women can expect, Hera Mag sent Elena Wewer – first-time live-sport spectator – to men’s tennis, football and NRL. Continue reading